Friday, June 28, 2013


 Walking in the sunshine on a cool sunny day with the smells of grass and pine.

 I look closely at the details around me and try to capture them.  The colors of the field blend together like hot coffee and hazelnut. So yummy and rich.

 Buttery yellows remind me of when I was little and picking bouquets for my mother. I hope someday I can receive such gifts from my little one.

A city girl amidst the green pincushion that is Idaho. So many stiff, snappy branches stuck all over the wild landscape.

 Grasses are letting their seed down and making beautiful little wind chimes as they sway to the music of the day.
At the end we sit in the shade and sip iced coffees listening to the chimes in the trees and the sounds of the animals awaiting their supper.

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